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The Kennedy Assassination:

November 22nd, 1963, a date that will live on in our collective memory with other ignominious dates such as December 7th 1941 and September 11th, 2001.  It is the date on which a young president with so much potential had his life snuffed out within the span of a few seconds - an act that shocked a nation that didn't think things like that happened in America.  On that day The United States of America was changed forever.


The Kennedy Assassination: is a 2 hour multimedia slide presentation in which the audience will relive that tragic day in vivid detail through the use of witness statements, photographs, diagrams, my own pictures and videos of sites in Dallas and of course the famous Zapruder Film.


Since the publication of The Warren Report in 1964, the debate has raged – was Lee Harvey Oswald the lone assassin or were there other gunmen?  The lecture will examine the question of lone gunman vs. conspiracy by scrutinizing the life of Lee Oswald himself, witness testimony, ballistics, and autopsy evidence. Mr. Daley will attempt to dispel myth and adhere strictly to the facts.


Since the publication of Rush to Judgment by Mark Lane in 1966 which criticized the Warren Commission’s finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin a tidal wave of conspiracy books have been written. In most of these books the main themes that run throughout are 1.  There was a conspiracy between the Government (FBI & CIA) and the Mafia to kill Kennedy – or just the Mafia did it or just the Government did it.  2. Lyndon Johnson had a hand in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.  3.  The communists had Kennedy killed – either the Soviet Union and/or Fidel Castro. Each of these three themes will be summarized and reasons for and against will be presented.



Video Clips Shot in Dallas Early July 2013

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