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Christopher Daley Historian/Author/Lecturer
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Rates & Mileage


$300.00 flat fee inside 100-mile radius of my home - Wareham Massachusetts (September-June), Bethlehem New Hampshire (June-September).

Outside 100-mile radius $300 + .50 cents a mile to and from the venue

Over 150 miles  $300.00 + Mileage and the cost of hotel accommodations if appropriate

Out of state air travel $300.00 + air travel costs + hotel accommodation costs

Due to Covid 19, I will be presenting virtual presentations until we can do live events again!

Rate for Virtual Lecture - $250.00. If splitting cost with one or more venues - each additional organization added is $50.00.


To figure mileage radius  - Google Maps is a good way to find the distance. Put in either Wareham, MA (September- June) or Bethlehem NH (June-September) and find directions to your location. 



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